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Drug & Alcohol Abuse in the Sagebrush State

State of Addiction in Nevada

Substance Abuse in Nevada

Nevada may be renowned for its nightlife, gambling, and the Hoover Dam, but the Sagebrush State has picked up a reputation for substance abuse over the years, as well. Being home to Las Vegas, the state may very well have boosted rates of drug and alcohol abuse that are fueled by the round-the-clock partying Sin City promotes. As a consequence, the high rate of substance abuse and addiction means treatment is in demand.

Nevada Addiction Stats

Nevada officials have been strong leaders in trying to combat issues of substance abuse in the state. When it comes to drug crimes, the law isn’t too forgiving in Nevada. Drug trafficking is a major issue in the southwestern region of the United States, and Nevada is no exception. Clark County and Washoe County are both participants in national campaigns to crack down on drug trafficking practices in the area.
Emergency Services

The state of Nevada offers a variety of substance abuse services to help during a crisis involving drugs or alcohol. From emergency first responders to crisis hotlines, Nevada has an array of options to help both the substance user and their family.

Another option for those suffering from opioid addiction is naloxone (Narcan). Having Narcan on hand can help prevent death from opioid overdose. We recommend that everyone takes the time to learn about how to find and use naloxone. If you, a family member, or someone you live with takes opioids as a prescription or abuses them recreationally, please consider accessing naloxone to keep with you in case of emergency.
Alcohol & Drug History

The History of Nevada's Substance Use Struggle

The history of substance abuse in Nevada is long and full of interesting stories about the people that turned the desert into their home. From local breweries, casinos, the mob and more, the history of drugs and alcohol is vast. Your vice is easy to find in urban and rural Nevada. This is what makes addiction support so vital to this region of the United States.
Local FAQ

Rehab in Nevada

Nevada is home to just 101 treatment facilities.31 The majority of these facilities offer outpatient treatment plans. Residential and opioid treatment options are fewer in number but still available.32 Nevada also boasts 78 sober living facilities to tend to the needs of recovering clients who need extra help readjusting to life outside of rehab.33 As of 2006, five facilities in the state were owned or operated by tribal governments.34

Substance Abuse Help

Nevada has made a commitment to its residents—make recovery a priority for those suffering from addiction. There are many options available to help someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction get and stay sober. Many people have questions about how to get sober, costs associated with rehab, and ongoing support. We are here to help with those questions.

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    Common Questions about Rehab

    Find answers to common questions associated with addiction treatment. We also offer FAQs about treatment at Desert Hope: patient questions, family questions, and general FAQs.

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    Paying for Treatment in Nevada

    One of the first concerns when users are looking for a rehab is "what will it cost?". Rehab does not have to be expensive; in many cases, health insurance will cover some or all of the costs. Learn more about options for paying for rehab.

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    Getting to Desert Hope

    Desert Hope is a drug & alcohol treatment center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer a full continuum of care including detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient therapy, and sober living. Learn about admissions and how to get to Desert Hope.

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    Using Insurance to Pay for Rehab in Nevada

    Insurance covers some or most of the cost of substance abuse treatment. The Affordable Care Act made substance abuse treatment an “essential health benefit."

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    Anthem Health Insurance

    Anthem has several different plans that can be applied to substance use disorder treatment.

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    Health Plan of Nevada (HPN)

    HPN offers the same level of coverage for mental health services, such as substance use disorder treatment, as it does for primary care services.

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    Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO)

    Created in 1991 in support of substance abuse and mental health treatment, this is an employee assistance program (EAP).

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    Prominence Health Plan

    Prominence Health Plan offers HMO services and PPO health plans that may cover addiction treatment services upon referral.

Local Events

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We offer a variety of local events including training and both virtual and in-person support groups.

Southwest Treatment Guides

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The southwestern US has higher-than-average drug and alcohol addiction issues for many reasons. Learn about impact to the states and cities in this region including: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, West Texas, and more.