Drug & Alcohol Abuse in the Sagebrush State

Nevada Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guide

Substance Abuse in Nevada

Las Vegas, the largest city in the state of Nevada, may be portrayed as a vacation destination. But Nevada ranks 6th in drug use by state and third in alcohol consumption. Desert Hope is a true recovery oasis in the Nevada desert. We’ve prepared this guide to provide direction on the road to recovery for those who are struggling with addiction or have a loved one they want to help.

Substance Abuse & Addiction in Nevada

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If you or someone you love has a substance use disorder, help is close at hand. In fact, there are many rehab centers near Nevada.1

For those who seek recovery, drug and alcohol treatment in a safe, healthy recovery center can make a life-changing difference. At Desert Hope, we offer a full continuum of care to ensure that you receive the right level of treatment to meet your individual needs. If inpatient rehab doesn’t sound like the right fit for you right now, you can explore another form of treatment at Desert Hope.

Addiction Rehab Center in the Nevada Region

There are numerous treatment options throughout Las Vegas, Carson City, Reno, Henderson, and the rest of Nevada. Any one of these facilities would be proud to be able to help you or a loved one achieve a healthy, sober lifestyle. 

One option available to those in the state of Nevada seeking treatment is Desert Hope Treatment Center.  Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Desert Hope Treatment offers a full continuum of care to patients to ensure that they can meet the needs of the patient and give them the best possible chance at long-term sobriety. Patients in this top-rated facility receive high-quality care from a team of caring and experienced professionals that want to help them succeed in achieving long-term recovery. Call us at to learn more about Desert Hope and our comprehensive addiction treatment program in Las Vegas.

Paying For Rehab In Nevada

For those who are considering treatment, it is important to know that there are options available to help pay for rehab. The cost is a factor that can deter people from seeking treatment, but it is important to remember that treatment and sober living are the end goal and the most important thing.

Many people wonder about their options when paying for rehab. The exact costs of rehab will vary based on a number of factors, including insurance, length of treatment, the type of program used, and other variables.  Both private and public insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid can assist with the costs of treatment. For those who find themselves without health insurance, there are certain facilities and non-profit organizations throughout Nevada that help facilitate payment installment plans to make treatment feasible. 

Desert Hope Treatment Center is considered in-network for many private insurers, including Cigna, HealthNet, Humana, Aetna, and many others.  Even if your insurance is considered out-of-network at Desert Hope, your insurance might still assist with some of the costs associated with substance abuse treatment. Follow this link to learn more about insurance options at Desert Hope Treatment Center. 

Verify Your Insurance Coverage for Rehab

Desert Hope makes it easy to determine your insurance coverage in our facility. Simply supply your name, contact information, insurance carrier, and policy number through this link.

Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

There are many different treatment types available to the people of Nevada, each offering a different array of benefits to the patient. Some of the most common forms of treatment in the area are described below. 

  • Medical Detox. For many, the road to recovery begins with medical detox. Entering into a secure detoxification facility allows the patient to go through the unpleasant and potentially dangerous withdrawal side effects in a safe environment supported by trained professionals.  
  • Inpatient Rehab. Inpatient/Residential Rehab is where the patient lives at the facility 24/7 and is able to enjoy an array of amenities. 
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). These programs allow patients to receive therapy at least five days a week while living in the comfort of their own homes. Therapy options include individual and group therapy as well as a wide range of therapeutic activities. 
  • Outpatient Rehab is a less intensive form of treatment than PHP, where the patient receives tailored therapy as needed while living at home. 
  • Sober Living Aftercare is an excellent option available for those who have a high risk of relapse or find themselves exposed to substances at home. Sober living allows the patient to live independently in a facility filled with like-minded people dedicated to long-term recovery. 

How Does Therapy Play A Role in Addiction Treatment?

Therapy is an important part of the substance addiction recovery process. Drugs and alcohol can alter mental processes and make the user prioritize substances over family, friends, and responsibilities. Additionally, many who are addicted to substances are dealing with either trauma, cognitive issues, or coexisting conditions. Therapy helps to root out these problems and create a mental state that is healthy, happy, and motivated for long-term sobriety. 

There are many different forms of therapy used in substance abuse treatment. To learn about some of the most common and successful forms of therapy applied today, follow this link. 


Are You Struggling With Addiction?

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Getting Narcan in Nevada

Nevada Addiction Statistics

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Substance misuse in Nevada impacts not only the person struggling with addiction but has a profound effect on families and communities as well. Drug and alcohol misuse is prevalent throughout the state of Nevada. Read below to learn more about the impacts that substance abuse has on Nevada’s communities. 

 Illegal Drug Use & Overdose Deaths

Illegal drug use has led to many overdose deaths throughout the state of Nevada. From 2019 to 2020, drug overdose deaths in Nevada increased 54.5%, from 510-788.

The opioid epidemic is affecting the entire country. According to the CDC, Nevada ranks 12th highest in opioid painkiller prescribing rates and 26th highest for opioid overdose deaths.

Alcohol Abuse & Alcohol-Impaired Driving Deaths

Alcohol abuse has also led to many negative consequences in the state of Nevada.  Binge drinking can lead to deadly consequences, especially when taken to the road. Between 2015 and 2019, there were 465 driving deaths involving alcohol.  

Substance Abuse Help

Nevada has made a commitment to its residents—make recovery a priority for those suffering from addiction. There are many options available to help someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction get and stay sober. Many people have questions about how to get sober, costs associated with rehab, and ongoing support. We are here to help with those questions.
  • Common Questions about Rehab

    Find answers to common questions associated with addiction treatment. We also offer FAQs about treatment at Desert Hope: patient questions, family questions, and general FAQs.

  • Paying for Treatment in Nevada

    One of the first concerns when users are looking for a rehab is "what will it cost?". Rehab does not have to be expensive; in many cases, health insurance will cover some or all of the costs. Learn more about options for paying for rehab.

  • Getting to Desert Hope

    Desert Hope is a drug & alcohol treatment center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer a full continuum of care including detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient therapy, and sober living. Learn about admissions and how to get to Desert Hope.

  • Using Insurance to Pay for Rehab in Nevada

    Insurance covers some or most of the cost of substance abuse treatment. The Affordable Care Act made substance abuse treatment an “essential health benefit."

  • Anthem Health Insurance

    Anthem has several different plans that can be applied to substance use disorder treatment.

  • Health Plan of Nevada (HPN)

    HPN offers the same level of coverage for mental health services, such as substance use disorder treatment, as it does for primary care services.

  • Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO)

    Created in 1991 in support of substance abuse and mental health treatment, this is an employee assistance program (EAP).

  • Prominence Health Plan

    Prominence Health Plan offers HMO services and PPO health plans that may cover addiction treatment services upon referral.

Local Events

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We offer a variety of local events including training and both virtual and in-person support groups.

Southwest Treatment Guides

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The southwestern US has higher-than-average drug and alcohol addiction issues for many reasons. Learn about impact to the states and cities in this region including: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, West Texas, and more.

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