Carelon Behavioral Health (formerly Beacon) Coverage for Rehab

This page will review the addiction services Carelon Behavioral Health (formerly Beacon Health Options) has to offer and how to start substance use treatment with Carelon at Desert Hope.

What is Carelon Health (Beacon Health Options)?

Doctor treating addiction patient using Beacon Health Options coverageCarelon Behavioral Health—formerly Beacon Health Options (BHO)—is a division of Elevance Health and works with many insurance plans to provide behavioral health services.1 With a network of clinicians, Carelon seeks to provide timely access to treatment.2

Behavioral services covered include but are not limited to:2,3

  • Anxiety and depression management.
  • Screenings and assessments.
  • Treatment for survivors of trauma or abuse.
  • Addiction treatment.

Does Carelon (Beacon) Cover Addiction Treatment?

Yes, Carelon Health (Beacon) covers addiction treatment. By law established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurers are required to cover substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.4 The ACA ensures that the full range of substance use disorder treatment services are covered by insurance, including:4

  • Medically assisted detox.
  • Residential or inpatient treatment
  • Various forms of outpatient care.
  • Recovery support.
  • Medications used in addiction treatment.

Desert Hope accepts Carelon Behavioral Health (Beacon Health Options) coverage as a payment source for treatment at our inpatient treatment center in Las Vegas, Nevada, or outpatient center.

What Types of Addiction Treatment Does Carelon Cover?

There are various types of treatment for substance use disorder, and the type of treatment recommended is based on each person. Types of treatment offered at Desert Hope that may be covered by Carelon include:

  • Detoxification, which provides medically managed withdrawal support to make withdrawal safer and more manageable.
  • Residential treatment, which provides 24/7 support as residents receive addiction treatment in a hotel-like atmosphere.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP). Often referred to as “day treatment,” a PHP is an intensive outpatient service that allows patients to reside at home while receiving no less than 20 hours of supportive treatment per week.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP). IOP is an option for treatment that requires a minimum of 6 hours of services over the course of 1–3 visits a week and uses behavioral therapies to address substance use and mental health issues.
  • Standard outpatient treatment. This program is a step down from IOP, affording more freedom and flexibility while still providing patients with needed support.
  • Telehealth. Telehealth allows patients to receive care by video-chatting with addiction specialists and attending group meetings from the comfort of their homes.

How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost with Carelon Health (BHO)?

The amount you pay for addiction treatment through Carelon Behavioral Health varies depending on several factors, including the facility where you’ll receive services, the treatment type you need, and your specific insurance policy.

Out-of-pocket costs (i.e., amounts owed for covered services that are not reimbursed by insurance) may include:5

  • An annual deductible. A deductible is an amount you pay for covered services before your health insurance starts to pay.6
  • Copayments. A copayment is a fixed amount you pay at the point of service after you’ve met your deductible. For example, you may owe a copayment each time you visit an outpatient clinic for treatment.7
  • Coinsurance is the percentage of services you pay for after you’ve paid your deductible.8 For example, if you had a co-insurance rate of 20% for inpatient treatment, your insurer would pay the remaining 80% of the total costs.

Each insurance plan has an out-of-pocket maximum or limit. Once this amount is reached, the insurer covers 100% of the remaining costs of covered services until it resets the following year.9

How to Use Carelon (Beacon) to Pay for Rehab at Desert Hope

person calling rehab center to use their Carelon Health for addiction treatmentTo use Carelon (Beacon) to pay for rehab at Desert Hope Treatment Center, contact a Desert Hope admissions navigator at .

From there, the admissions process at Desert Hope is simple. Compassionate admissions navigators will work with you to solidify a treatment plan and walk you through the next steps and what to expect in treatment. They can answer questions about using insurance to cover rehab, other payment options, and more.

You can also verify your insurance coverage by filling out our confidential .

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