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Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield operates in Nevada,1 and is in-network with Desert Hope Treatment Center. Read on to learn more about using your BCBS insurance for addiction treatment and rehab at our facility in Las Vegas, NV. 

*Recently, Anthem rebranded as Elevance Health; however, it is still operating as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in NV and offering the same plans.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment in Nevada?

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To find out exactly what your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan covers for drug and alcohol rehab at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, enter your information into our quick and secure . You’ll receive free, personalized information about your coverage in minutes.

Understanding BCBS Addiction Treatment Coverage

Exactly what coverage you have will depend on your specific BCBS plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of substance use resources, including links to national and state programs that can help. There are also treatment centers chosen by BCBS as Blue Distinction® centers, which are programs that provide high-quality, evidence-based, patient-focused care.4

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Nevada offers 4 categories of plans:5

  • The Platinum plans have the highest monthly premium but also provide coverage with the lowest out-of-pocket costs.
  • The Gold plan is a bit less expensive monthly but has higher out-of-pocket costs.
  • Silver plans cost less than Gold and also have higher deductibles.
  • Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premium with the highest deductibles.

How Much Does Addiction Rehab Cost with Blue Cross Blue Shield?

The cost drug and alcohol rehab in Nevada will depend on your plan level. For instance, a Platinum insurance plan covers an average of 90% of approved costs, whereas a Bronze plan covers an average of 60%.5

The exact numbers will vary depending on your needs and the treatment program you choose. If you’re concerned about costs, you’ll want to find a treatment program that’s within the provider network for your specific insurance plan; staying in network is the best way to keep your costs at a minimum.

The good news is that there are ways to pay for rehab costs that insurance does not cover. You might be able to work out a payment plan with your treatment provider, get a scholarship, or find other funding options such as healthcare loans or even crowdfunding on sites like GoFundMe.

Which BCBS Plans Are In-Network with Desert Hope?

Choosing an in-network treatment center is an important way to ensure coverage and keep your out-of-pocket costs lower. Many Elevance Health/Anthem plans are in-network with Desert Hope. You can easily and quickly check your insurance online with our benefits verification form below. You’ll receive results within a matter of minutes.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Which Types of Treatment are Covered by BCBS in Nevada?

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The exact treatment you are prescribed will depend on the results of your clinical assessment.

Some of the possibilities include:6

  • Medical detoxification, also known as withdrawal management, which helps you get the drug out of your system safely so you can move on to a sober life.
  • Outpatient treatment, where you live at home and receive treatment through appointments at the facility.
  • Inpatient treatment, which involves living in the treatment facility and getting 24/7, which includes counseling, structured activities, and group therapy.

Desert Hope offers all levels of care at our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you struggle with opioid or alcohol addiction, you may also have coverage for medication-assisted treatment (MAT), where approved medication is prescribed by a doctor and provided in combination with behavioral therapy to aid in your recovery.

How Do I Use Blue Cross Blue Shield to Pay for Rehab?

The first step to using Blue Cross rehab coverage is to be assessed by a doctor or addiction treatment professional. For immediate help, you can call us at .

After the assessment, your provider will recommend a plan of care. They may then reach out to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to determine the extent of your coverage and what services will be approved.

Benefits of Paying for Treatment with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Nevada is known for its freewheeling lifestyle, especially in its largest city, Las Vegas. Unfortunately, that means substance use is a significant problem for many Nevada residents. In addition, drug trafficking is a major issue in the southwestern region of the country.

Substance abuse in Nevada is higher than the national average. The most commonly abused drugs are stimulants, marijuana, and heroin. There are also concerns with alcohol abuse. In 2018, there were 372 drug overdose deaths involving opioids, and NV prescribers wrote 55.5 opioid prescriptions per 100 people that year, which is higher than the national average of 51.4. Nevada also has a higher percentage of HIV transmitted by intravenous drug use than the national average.7

By using your Elevance Health/Anthem BCBS insurance for alcohol treatment or substance abuse treatment, you’ll give yourself a viable and affordable way to get onto the path of sobriety. Our program can help you get clean and stay that way, no matter how or why you started using substances. 

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