Reasons to Choose Desert Hope

When addiction befalls your or someone you care about, finding a quality treatment facility means everything. Desert Hope Treatment Center is a facility you can trust.

Why Choose Us for Your Care?

We have everything you want in a program, and more!

At Desert Hope, we don’t force you into a cookie-cutter treatment plan. We meet with you on day one to make a thorough assessment of your needs and goals and create a plan for clinical programming tailored to you as an individual. We engage you in the process, ask what you’re looking to get out of treatment, and explain to you what you should expect during the process of your care. Along the way, we will make any adjustments necessary to make sure you are receiving treatment that works for you. We’ll also check in with you to see how things are going and set goals for treatment moving forward.

Experiential Therapies

At Desert Hope, you’ll have various avenues in which to explore and work through your emotions. Experiential therapies may include music therapy, art therapy, and recreational therapy.

Elective-Style Scheduling

Treatment is not rigid at Desert Hope. Similar to college electives, you’ll be required to complete a core program but will be able to choose from a list of certain classes based on your interests and treatment goals.

Chef-Prepared Meals

Drug abuse takes a huge physical toll and often leads to poor nutrition. Our culinary food services led by an Executive Chef with extensive backgrounds in high-end food service will have you feeling healthier while enjoying mealtime

Full Care Continuum

In addition to residential treatment, Desert Hope offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and standard outpatient treatment, and continuing care. We also have a sober living facility, Resolutions Las Vegas, with 100 beds for individuals living in recovery. Resolutions provides food service, transportation, vocational programming, and opportunities for community involvement.

We are also continually working with insurance companies to ensure our patients don’t have to compromise on the level of care that is right for them due to cost. For example, we are proud to announce that we are now in-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of the nation’s largest managed healthcare providers.

Proven Commitment to Quality

Desert Hope is accredited by The Joint Commission, so you can trust that we have proven through a rigorous process our commitment to excellence.

Exceptional Staff Invested in Your Recovery

Expert Clinical Staff

All therapists are master’s-level clinicians. Staff specialties include substance use, mental health, social work, marriage and family therapy, music, or art.

Experienced, Caring Medical Team

Our medical detoxification program is staffed with experienced, compassionate doctors and nurses who provide 24/7 monitoring to keep you safe during withdrawal.

When you come to Desert Hope, one of the first steps is to explain the role of each team member in your recovery.

Family Is Part of the Journey

We involve family in the treatment process so that you are better able to continue your recovery post-treatment.

We Set You Up for Success

When you complete treatment with Desert Hope, you don’t lose the support that you gained here. Our alumni program allows you to retain the sober network you had in treatment. The program has a large social media presence (close to 500 members on our Desert Hope alumni Facebook page), weekly alumni meetings, outreach to alumni, and quarterly alumni events.

Our Promise to You

If you complete 90 consecutive days in treatment with us, we guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment. Learn more about our brand promise. 


Desert Hope Treatment Center is only as successful as we are—63% of our patients report being sober at 12 months post-treatment—without the active participation of our patients and alumni. Every single person who walks through our doors makes our program what it is—we learn from you just as you learn from us. Our patients all bring something to our program; in some cases, alumni in recovery even come to work for us! You and patients just like you help to create a growing recovery community.

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