Specialized Rehab Programs

At our Las Vegas, NV rehab facility, we are proud to offer specialized addiction treatment programs for diverse groups of patients who face their own unique challenges in recovery from substance use disorders. When developing your individualized treatment plan, our staff can determine whether you may benefit from one or more of our specialized programs.

Veteran Addiction Treatment Program

veteran salutes at flag in treatment program at desert hope

Veterans who have seen and experienced combat first-hand are at high risk for suffering PTSD and substance use disorders.

Many veterans also suffer from injuries and health problems sustained during active duty and use drugs and alcohol to relieve their symptoms.

The Rally Point: AAC, our Veterans’ rehab program provided at our Las Vegas addiction treatment facility, is built for men and women who served in the military and who need help recovering from substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders like depression and PTSD.

Rehab Program for First Responders

Firefighters, police officers, and other first responders are often exposed to trauma, violence, and other difficult situations that may influence them to use drugs and alcohol as coping methods.

First responders are also often affected by long hours, lack of sleep, and physical pain that they may try to relieve using substances. Our First Responders program is designed to help this population address and manage common stressors without relying on drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment Trauma Support Track

Trauma is a common root cause of substance use disorders. Common traumatic incidents include near-death situations, sexual assault, and the death of a loved one. We offer trauma-focused therapies and counseling to help you recover from your trauma in addition to your substance use disorder.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Programs

Once-a-week, men and women are separated for trauma-informed treatment programs. This better allows all patients to benefit from a comfortable experience and improves their chances of achieving long-term recovery.

LGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment Program

People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender are often at higher risk for substance use disorders due to factors such as discrimination, social stigma, and harassment. Our LGBTQ addiction treatment program in Las Vegas gives these individuals a safe forum in which to discuss and process personal issues that tie in with their substance use disorders. We help facilitate a twice-weekly LGBTQ group meeting that is located offsite, just minutes away from our treatment center.

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