How to Get Treatment With the VA and Desert Hope

To help local service members, Desert Hope Treatment Center and its parent company, American Addiction Centers, have partnered with the VA to provide quality drug and alcohol treatment for Veterans in Nevada.
Desert Hope’s Commitment to Veterans

How Does Desert Hope Provide Support for Veterans?

Smiling female veteranVeterans’ substance abuse is an issue that spans all branches of service. While many Veterans Affairs (VA) treatment centers provide quality care, many VA drug addiction programs are not close to the Veterans who need them. Sometimes, the VA inpatient substance abuse treatment programs have waiting lists and cannot serve all Veterans as quickly as they would like.

Desert Hope Treatment Center and its parent company, American Addiction Centers, are committed to helping these Veterans get the care they need when they need it through our customized program, The Rally Point: AAC. We are a VA Center of Excellence and have made it our mission to provide the best possible treatment for Veterans in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Community Care

What Is VA Community Care?

VA inpatient programs offer quality addiction treatment to Veterans across the United States. However, a VA treatment center may not be accessible and available to a Veteran in need of drug rehab.

To reach as many Veterans as possible who require medical care, the VA offers the Veterans’ Community Care program, which expands access to substance abuse treatment for Veterans. Through this program, eligible Veterans can receive treatment from private centers in their communities, such as Desert Hope Treatment Center.

Desert Hope is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is an approved VA community care provider (CCP). TriWest administers the community care program in Nevada, meaning that they handle the approvals and payments for Veterans receiving treatment through the VA Community Care program.

FAQs About Community Care

Many Veterans have questions about working with a CCP. Some of the more common ones are:1,2

Am I automatically approved to get treatment from a CCP?

No, you have to meet certain criteria to qualify for community care.

Can I go to any private treatment program I chose?

No, you must go to an approved community care provider.

Will I pay more money to go to a CCP instead of going to a VA treatment center?

No, your co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses will not exceed what you would pay through the VA. Bills for copayments will be sent by the VA, not the CCP.

I want to go to a VA addiction treatment center. Do I have to go to a CCP?

No, you always have the option to go to a VA addiction treatment center.

Can I schedule an intake appointment, or do I have to go through the VA to get this scheduled?

In most cases, the VA will schedule appointments. Contact the VA about eligibility and appointments for community care.

Why Choose Desert Hope?

Benefits of Choosing Desert Hope for Community Care

Desert Hope lobbyVeterans receive treatment at Desert Hope from staff members who understand Veterans’ challenges, as many of them are Veterans themselves. The Rally Point: AAC program for Veterans is specifically designed to help Veterans understand the factors that led to addiction and how to make the journey to recovery.

This isn’t another drug treatment center where you feel like no one understands what you went through during your military service, or how those experiences continue to impact you. You’ll go through treatment with a “battalion” of Veterans who can support you in your path to sobriety.

With the knowledge and experience of the Veterans involved in your care, Desert Hope can help provide a treatment program that offers a unique ability to understand your history, your addiction, and how to help you achieve recovery. 

More About American Addiction Centers

American Addiction Centers was founded in 2007 and has grown into the largest network of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities nationwide, with locations in Florida, Nevada, California, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Texas. American Addiction Centers focuses treatment on the individual, with research-based practices to provide you or your loved one with the tools to achieve recovery. American Addiction Centers offers numerous evidence-based treatment methods to help you work on your recovery.

Don’t Lose Another Day to Addiction

Your situation, or that of your loved one, may seem overwhelming right now. Just know that recovery is possible. Reach out to us today to get started on your path to recovery with American Addiction Centers.

Desert Hope, American Addiction Centers’ drug addiction help in Nevada, is ready to help you prepare for a life of sobriety and long-term recovery. Call us today at  to learn more about our specialized addiction treatment programs near you.


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