Telehealth Addiction Treatment Services in Las Vegas


The majority of people that need addiction treatment are unable to get it. Some of the most common obstacles that stand between people and treatment include the high cost of rehab, occupational and familial obligations, and the lack of transportation or nearby treatment facilities.

Additionally, many people may be hesitant to converge in group settings due to concerns about the spread of airborne illnesses.

The telehealth addiction treatment program grants Nevada residents access to outpatient services from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Benefits of Telehealth Addiction Treatment

Receiving treatment through the telehealth rehab program benefits you in several ways, including by:

  • Removing transportation time and costs.
  • Offering more flexibility in scheduling treatment sessions.
  • Reducing the amount of time you take off work to attend treatment.
  • Enabling family members in other areas to participate with you in family behavior therapy (FBT).
  • Reducing the need for childcare or elder care while you get help.
  • Reducing exposure to illnesses such COVID-19.

How Does the Telehealth Program Work?

Getting personalized help from Desert Hope staff will be as easy as joining a meeting on your computer or phone. First, we’ll have you give your permission electronically to let us serve you. Don’t worry if you’re not especially technically savvy; we’ll make it extremely easy. You won’t have to worry about your privacy either. All telehealth services are offered via confidential, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.

Once you’ve given your permission, you’ll be given an access code that you will use each time you utilize a telehealth service with Desert Hope. This will allow you to access one or more of the following outpatient rehab services from home:

  • Individual therapy sessions.
  • Assessments needed to start treatment.
  • Therapy groups.
  • Family sessions.
  • Psychoeducational groups (with topics ranging from relapse prevention to working through social isolation).
  • Weekly check-ins for PHP patients.
  • Case management, including aftercare planning.
  • Discussions about individual medical concerns.
  • Medical follow-up appointments.

When you’re ready to begin, you’ll be invited via email to a meeting where you’ll be given an option to join via your computer or phone. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to easily receive the critical services you need remotely.

What Is Addressed in a Telehealth Treatment Program?

Psychoeducation and behavioral therapies in the telehealth rehab program cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Relapse prevention. In sessions about relapse prevention, you’ll learn to identify and avoid triggers that potentially lead you to drink or use drugs.
  • Managing cravings, which will teach you a variety of methods to accept these cravings, mitigate them, or satisfy them with healthier activities.
  • Conflict resolution and anger management. Learning healthy ways to handle interpersonal conflict is crucial for long-term sobriety.
  • Working through social isolation. Loneliness is something many people struggle with, and it can lead to relapse if you don’t learn and practice healthy coping strategies.
  • Spirituality. Devotion to a higher power or identifying a purpose and committing to it has helped many people lead a fulfilling, sober life. Joining a 12-step program may be beneficial to your recovery.
  • Family roles. Family members can play a large role in supporting your recovery, and you can learn to support them as well, through group sessions involving your loved ones.

Get Started Now

The best part of our new telemedicine approach is that you can access our quality addiction treatment from your home anywhere in Nevada—you don’t have to travel to Desert Hope to gain the skills our program and staff can offer you.

Our compassionate admissions navigators will share more information about how the program can work for you and begin the admissions process. If you are interested in our remote telemedicine outpatient treatment, please call .

See what other payment options for rehab may be available to you as well.

In this time when you may be feeling alone, anxious, and overwhelmed, we’re here for you.

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