Finding Peace for Veterans at Desert Hope

“Our premier drug rehab center in Las Vegas, Nevada is the perfect place to start your new life.”

The phrase lies on the front of Desert Hope Treatment Center’s website and is the core of the facility’s philosophy. The quote pertains to all people who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. But it has special meaning for veterans who are battling on their own every day to reclaim their lives. That’s because this facility has a program just for them. Desert Hope’s Veterans program is designed specifically for military veterans, as well as for first responders.

Desert Hope staunchly thanks veterans for their service. And this specialized track commits to help them address their chemical dependency and enable them to heal.

This residential program is tightly structured and targeted to the needs of veterans. It combines mental health treatment with drug recovery. And, most of all, it’s trauma-informed. It focuses on peeling away many layers to set these clients on the road to sobriety. Through individual and group therapies as well as educational sessions, clients explore their inner selves and confront deep-seated issues.

Building Rapport

Veterans, first responders, police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and others in closely related pursuits put their lives on the line every day. They choose to serve our country, communities, and all of us. Risk is a hallmark of their activities, as is stress. This complex profile forms the foundation of Veterans program. It helps clients overcome their issues by treating the whole person. The program addresses relationships, grief, life skills, childhood trauma, and family issues. Treatment may encompass genetic testing to get to the root of a client’s addiction. It also may involve the use of nutraceuticals and pharmacogenomics. If needed, staff will transport Veterans to and from their doctor’s appointments. In a word, it’s all-inclusive.

Participants have an opportunity to share their events and experiences. These are building blocks to forming bonds and supporting one another on their quest to free themselves of addiction. In Veterans program, veterans participate in group therapy with other veterans. They eat their meals with other veterans. They room with other veterans. The program is able to foster a sense of community by connecting veterans with their peers, all bound by common experiences and struggles.

Veterans also have another opportunity. They get to interact with counselors who come from a similar military background. It helps. It promotes mutual understanding. It creates a nurturing and safe environment to open up. And that, in turn, helps them meet the challenges of the program and do the hard work needed to recover.

A Jewel in the Desert

The facility is an oasis in the desert. This high-end venue provides a luxurious backdrop. A  comfortable and safe environment, it offers bright, airy surroundings in a natural setting. Clients receive gourmet meals, work out in the gym, take yoga, and avail themselves of a wide range of amenities. Plush furnishings and attractively landscaped outdoor areas add to the overall ambiance of this Las Vegas addiction recovery center.

That’s not all. Desert Hope offers other distinctions veterans find appealing. These are quality and trust – two critical factors. The facility is dually accredited. It has met the strict criteria to bear the Gold Seal of Approval of The Joint Commission. It also achieved the rigorous standards to gain accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). It also sports an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Take Action

Is the life-changing care Desert Hope offers for you? Find out what you can expect in treatment at Desert Hope. Learn more about its customized treatment plan, insurance and payment options, and what to expect. On this Veteran’s Day, Desert Hope sends a special “thank you” to those who protect us. In turn, Desert Hope seeks to return the favor and help you achieve the results you so desire.

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