12 Things You Can Do on St. Patrick’s Day Other than Drink

Saint Patties Day could be a trigger for those in recovery

There are a number of great things to do in Las Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day, but too many of them involve being surrounded by people who are drinking or under the influence. If you are hoping to have a good time on St. Patrick’s Day without being surrounded by green beer and people who are drinking it, here are just a few options to get you started:

    1. Watch some Irish movies

If you would rather stay away from the people out drinking and the risk getting pinched, invite some sober friends over to watch some Irish movies – movies set in Ireland or shot in Ireland or documentaries about Ireland. You could even binge watch the Leprechaun movies if you’re into it, making it a theme night far, far away from any alcohol or drugs.

    1. Make corned beef and cabbage

Though this is not exactly authentic Irish food, it is served all over the country on March 17th and many consider it a necessary traditional dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. You can head out to a restaurant and order a big serving, or get together with your family or sober friends and make a corned beef and cabbage dinner yourself.

    1. Eat authentic Irish food

If you are not interested in corned beef and cabbage, take some time to dive into some authentic Irish recipes and make a big meal that really brings out the culture and tradition of the country. Have a potluck and ask your friends to experiment with something and bring it over so you can all try it out together.

    1. Go to the St. Patrick’s Day festival

The 52nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade 2018 is happening all weekend long in Henderson, a family-friendly event that will allow you to get out and enjoy the holiday without being overwhelmed with drunken revelers.

    1. Listen to Irish music

There’s Irish punk, Irish classical, Irish rock, Irish contemporary, Irish polka, and a ton of Irish traditional songs to choose from. Essentially, no matter what type of music you like best, you can find an Irish version or band that will suit you. If you’re a musician, invite some sober musician friends over and jam.

    1. Watch traditional Irish dance

If you have never sat down and watched some well-trained traditional Irish dancers, it is an experience you won’t forget. Traditional Irish dance is iconic and always a great way to pass the time on St. Patrick’s Day.

    1. Read an Irish writer

Sit down with a copy of Dubliners or Finnegans Wake by James Joyce or find a contemporary Irish writer that writes your favorite type of book. Short stories, a novel, or even a book on Irish history can help you get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day without exposing yourself to people who are drinking.

    1. Learn about Gaelic hurling

A uniquely Irish sport, hurling (also known as Gaelic football) is a fun game to play and watch. If you feel adventurous and/or know anyone with the right equipment, you could even put together a couple of teams and play a few games on St. Patrick’s Day.

    1. Find out what Irish immigrants to America accomplished

Life was not easy for the earliest Irish immigrants in American history, yet they contributed amazing things to our society. From their contributions to the building of our infrastructure, unionizing and workers’ rights, politics, and more, the effects of early Irish Americans are still felt today, and it is worth it to pause and learn more about the hardships they faced in that process.

    1. Make something Irish-inspired

If you are not into cooking and want to take your Irish investigation and expression to the next level, you can knit a Celtic sweater, tie Celtic knot bracelets, or make some Shamrock-inspired crafts.

    1. Watch a St. Patrick’s Day parade

If there are no local St. Paddy’s Day parades happening near you, find a couple on TV or online. It’s a great way to enjoy the parade without getting jostled by hundreds of other people, waiting in hour-long lines for the bathroom, or being surrounded by loud drunk parade-goers.

    1. Hit the Celtic Feis Event at the New York-New York hotel

The Celtic Feis event a Las Vegas tradition, and it includes the Las Vegas Pipe Band Parade, leprechauns, bands, DJs, and more – plus there’s a parade the night before.

There is no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas on St. Patrick’s Day that will give you the opportunity to celebrate the day and minimize your exposure to drinking and drug use. Try to choose neighborhoods far away from the tourist-filled places and party spots, and seek out parades and family-friendly activities that happen earlier in the day.

How will you spend St. Patrick’s Day sober this year?

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