New Beginnings at Desert Hope

Desert Hope Treatment Center is committed to providing the best care possible. Because addiction and addiction treatment are so individualized, this can mean something different for each patient. The New Beginnings program at Desert Hope is one way for staff to engage with patients during the admissions process and later during their stay.

Part of the nature of addiction are feelings of low self-worth. This is often due to the mistakes you may make while seeking drugs or alcohol or while under the influence of these substances. In some cases, these mistakes can hurt you or the people that care most about you. Addiction is also a highly stigmatized illness, which can unfairly make you feel weak for needing help. These are just a few of the reasons why staying motivated in recovery can be difficult.

Staff at Desert Hope understand this hurdle and work to ensure it doesn’t come between you and your recovery. That’s why upon admission, staff engage with each patient, learning about their motivation for recovery, what they hope to get out of treatment, and what might cause them to leave prematurely. This process is beneficial for several reasons:

  • It reduces patient anxiety.
  • It decreases the likelihood a patient will leave before completing treatment.
  • It improves treatment outcomes.
  • It encourages patients to stay in treatment as long as needed.

Once you’ve been admitted, the staff will go over everything you need to know about the treatment you’ll be receiving, including the schedule, treatment protocols, potential complications of detoxification and how they can be avoided, medications, how to schedule an appointment with your provider, etc. You’ll also be given a full tour of the facility.

After 7-10 days of treatment, staff will schedule a follow-up session to see how you’re doing. The purpose of this session is to check in to see:

  • What about the treatment is going well.
  • What could be improved.
  • What your expectations are moving forward.

This helps the staff at Desert Hope make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, as well as consider potential overarching changes to help future patients.

Levels of Care at Desert Hope

Everyone’s treatment needs are different, and Desert Hope is equipped to provide the varying levels of care to address this.

For many people starting treatment, medical detox is a necessary first step. This allows patients to safely go through withdrawal under the supervision of medical staff who make the experience more comfortable and can respond to emergencies if necessary.

After detox, patients may transfer to either one of the various options for rehabilitation treatment. These include:

  • Inpatient care, which enables patients to remain in a hospital-like setting while receiving addiction treatment.
  • Residential treatment (also known as “live-in rehab”), which is a good options for patients who benefit from a highly structured living environment but do not have a serious medical condition that requires constant care.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP), which allows patients to receive daily treatment every weekday and return home in the evenings.
  • An intensive or non-intensive outpatient program, both of which are more flexible than the options listed above and may be ideal for patients with a low probability of relapse and a stable and safe living environment.

Patients at Desert Hope also have the option of transferring to a sober living facility or another form of aftercare following treatment.

If you or a loved is struggling with addiction, it’s not too late to get help. Please reach out to an admissions navigator at .

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