10 Ways to Live Your Truth in Recovery

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In the wake of the many tragedies that have struck Orlando this month, people across the country are having revelatory experiences.

Though grief and anger are normal first responses to senseless tragedies, in the days and weeks following extreme hardship and loss, many are seeing these events as a wakeup call – anything can happen to anyone at any time without reason or warning. For many, this reminder comes with an urgent realization that the time to start living your truth is now.

For people in recovery, living your truth is an essential component to being honest with yourself, true to your goals, and living an authentic life that values the self and others. This does not necessarily mean huge, overarching goals in your life. In fact, in most cases, it is the little things that define a life lived honestly and genuinely, with a steady focus on finding joy and contentment from day to day and moment to moment.

Here are 10 ways that you can begin to live your truth starting right now.

  1. Consider how you would like to define your life
  2. Would you like the majority of your days to be defined by activity and outings, a more relaxed approach to life, or something in between the two? Do you like spending time outside, traveling, being with friends, cooking, meditation, or reading? Living your truth is exceedingly personal, and no one can tell you how to exactly to do it. You may love the idea of getting up early to meditate every day and giving your day a quiet introspective start, or your ideal day may begin with meeting friends at a coffee shop and connecting with positive people before heading to work. Pay attention to all the different areas of your life and how you would like to live each day.

  3. Create an ideal scenario for each time of day
  4. Once you have the big picture in place, start to dissect your day. How, when, and where would you like to wake up? Where and with whom will you eat lunch? How would you like to wind down your day and settle in for the night? Consider what will make you feel most peaceful, most fulfilled, and most relaxed in recovery.

  5. Dream about job options
  6. What you do to earn money can have a huge impact not only the environment you are in most hours of the week but also on the people you spend the bulk of your time with and the ideologies that are infused into your recovery. Consider what you would most like to do, and begin to take steps toward the job that works best for your personality and life goals.

  7. Connect with yourself
  8. Introspection and downtime are critical parts of recovery. Going too hard or too fast – even on things that are positive – can wear you down and burn you out. Living your truth can start with something as simple as taking 30 minutes every day to do something you enjoy on your own. Whether you journal, go for a walk, garden, meditate, or read, choose something that allows you to relax and unwind, observe your thoughts and feelings, and reconnect with yourself.

  9. Connect with others
  10. Having positive people in your life who are similarly seeking to live their truths and who will support you in living yours can increase accountability and make you stronger in recovery as well.

  11. Eat well
  12. What you put into your body affects how you feel physically as well as mentally. When you choose to eat mindfully and healthfully, you will be better able to stick to your commitments to live your life authentically.

  13. Rest
  14. Nighttime sleep is an important time for your body to rest, repair, and rejuvenate for the day. It is recommended that adults get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep or more depending on their age and personal needs. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day can help to ensure that sleep is restful and your body maximizes the time you spend in bed to best support brain and body function – and living your truth.

  15. Move
  16. Similarly, incorporating gentle exercise into your daily routine can help you to feel better as well. Studies suggest that as little as 15 minutes of exercise per day may even lengthen your lifespan. Decide what activities truly speak to you and commit to incorporating them into your weekly schedule.

  17. Notice the details
  18. Taking the time to notice what is happening around you, really listening to others when in conversation, actively tasting the food you eat, checking in with yourself to notice how you are feeling, and enjoying the beauty that is around you can improve your sense of wellbeing in recovery. Part of living your truth means being awake and aware as well as being thankful for all you have rather than taking the little things for granted.

  19. Pick one thing and begin
  20. Though you may ultimately choose to incorporate your new commitment to living your truth in a variety of ways in your life, you can start now by picking just one thing and doing it at this moment. Why wait? Your life is happening now.