Recovery Story: Ask an Alum

Addiction is a disease that can make those suffering feel isolated, afraid, and even ashamed to ask for help. However, many people have lived in that dark place of addiction and found hope again, through recovery. September is National Recovery Month, an opportunity to highlight how getting treatment is effective and people can recover.  Here is one of their stories.

The Gift of Being Sober: Jon’s Story

After spending years struggling with addiction, Jon knew he wanted to get help, but was having a hard time finding a person to talk to or even take his calls. He started to feel like he was going in circles and that there was no way out.

“This mission became frustrating, basically the help lines were bad, I was either put through to a recording that said someone would call me, or I spoke with someone and they’d refer me to another person and so on.”

Jon was ready to give up when he decided to make one more call. A call he says “saved his life.”

“I finally spoke with someone who treated me with dignity and respect,” said Jon. “When I talked about being a Veteran, he explained to me that there was a rehab program designed specifically for veterans.”

Jon has been a retired Veteran for 25 years.

Celebrating Sobriety Day

Jon says his life changed in two ways the day he decided to go to treatment.“My granddaughter was born the same day I checked in to Desert Hope Treatment Center. So, every year we celebrate together.”

Jon calls it his “Re-Birthday.”  “I’ve dubbed this new name because of my Granddaughter’s Birthday and the beginning of my Sobriety Day.

Jon says he was nervous about starting treatment, but it came down to living his truth.

“I was truly sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.”

He says the support of the staff and other patients dealing with the same struggles helped him to heal.

“You start to think about where you are now and what you’re going to do with this gift of life, the gift of being sober, feeling good about yourself again, and lastly feeling alive.”

“Desert Hope gave me exactly what I needed, hope.”

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