How Is an Addiction Therapy Session Conducted? 

Behavioral therapy for addiction is an essential part of most evidence-based treatment plans.1

This article will discuss how individual and group therapy sessions are used to treat addiction at Desert Hope Treatment Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

Effective addiction therapy addresses the patient’s substance use, develops coping strategies, increases motivation, changes problematic thought patterns, and more.1

Therapy may be provided in a variety of treatment settings, including residential care, outpatient treatment, and aftercare.1

Different Addiction Therapy Models

There are several evidence-based therapy models used to treat substance use disorder (SUD). Common models used in addiction treatment include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): The core elements of CBT work to reduce the reinforcing effects of substance use by developing skills that promote abstinence and ongoing recovery.2
  • Motivational interviewing (MI): MI helps motivate patients to make the changes required to achieve long-term sobriety. Therapeutic sessions often involve identifying patient’s goals and values and helping them see how their substance use is in conflict with them.3
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT): The underlying principle of DBT is that if patients can allow 2 seemingly opposing ideas—acceptance and change—to be true at the same time, they’ll be better equipped to solve problems and manage difficult emotions. Responding to these emotions in a healthy way promotes recovery.4

Desert Hope Treatment Center utilizes the above modalities in both individual and group therapy sessions.

Group Addiction Therapy Sessions

Group therapy at Desert Hope is the primary component of the treatment process. We provide 4 separate 90-minute group therapy sessions with various focuses per day. Group sessions for all patients include:

  • Process group, in which patients are grouped together with their individual counselor. Patients in our specialized treatment track for veterans are grouped together in the Battalion Process Group.
  • Psychoeducation group. These sessions are designed to teach patients about addiction, its consequences, and related behaviors. The information provided during these sections often directly applies to patient’s lives, helping them understand recovery, increase their self-awareness, and inspire them to act.5
  • Relapse prevention. Relapse prevention helps patients develop many skills needed for long-term abstinence, working to improve patient’s ability to assess high-risk situations and stabilize their lives through behavioral changes.5
  • Focus group, in which patients pick between topics like yoga or meditation practice, art, grief, letting go of resentments, and life outlining.

Gender-specific group therapy is provided on Thursdays.

Individual Addiction Therapy Sessions

At Desert Hope, each patient receives individual therapy sessions once a week, with patients in medical detox meeting with a mental health provider every day. A crisis counselor is on hand to treat our residential patients if needed.

Individual therapy sessions usually last 45–60 minutes.

Is Addiction Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Addiction therapy is covered by insurance, but the extent of this coverage will depend on the individual insurance policy. You can call the number on the back of your insurance card to get the most accurate information about your plan and what it covers.

You can also verify your insurance coverage at Desert Hope using the confidential .

Therapy & Addiction Treatment in Las Vegas

Call to begin the admissions process at Desert Hope. We offer the full continuum of levels of care, including:

Our admissions navigators can also check your insurance coverage or help you identify the best way to pay for treatment.

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