Sober Living May Be the Perfect Transition

Being sober, regardless of how long, is quite an achievement. One of which you should be very proud of. But like all things earned and worth holding onto, sometimes additional support is needed. And that’s why sober living is a true benefit.

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Desert Hope Treatment Centers, an American Addiction Centers facility, offers this beneficial service for those making the transition from inpatient or outpatient treatment back to the “real world.” Rightfully named Sober Living at Resolutions Las Vegas, it serves as a healthy and supportive solution for those that may need a home as newly recovering individuals.

One of the worst obstacles that someone who has only been sober for a short period of time to be faced with, is for them to return to an environment where there are others who are using drugs and/or consuming alcohol. Returning to chaos and potential triggers is the opposite of what that individual needs. Obviously, this isn’t the circumstance for all those completing treatment. Some have a healthy home environment to return to, filled with supportive family and friends.

And then there are others.

Those who may not have family that cares about their welfare. Or have friends that use recreational and illicit drugs “just for fun” on a daily basis. Lack of money and stability may add to the stress, and in the end, the aforementioned ingredients are a recipe for failure and defeat.

Sober Living at Resolutions Las Vegas offers an alternative solution. It allows for independence, but with a helpful structured balance. A house manager is available to help keep individuals accountable for their choices. And although individuals aren’t in a treatment program, they are surrounded by neighbors who are in recovery as well.

Because individuals are susceptible to relapse in the early part of their recovery, this structure contributes to keeping individuals on a positive track. Between attending meetings, participating in house activities, and following a schedule, the newly sober individual has a fighting chance to achieve long-term sobriety.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, longer treatment programs produce more effective results for patients. Additionally, remaining in recovery requires a strong support network. With Sober Living, individuals get support as well as an extended experience in treatment.

Benefits of Sober Living

Research on sober living has demonstrated:

  • Individuals have fewer legal issues.
  • Individual improvement with alcohol and drug use.
  • Individuals are more likely to maintain employment.
  • Mental health symptoms improve.

Benefits of Sober Living:

  • A great solution for those who don’t have support at home.
  • Serves as a safe environment to live in while attending intensive outpatient treatment.
  • If an individual has a co-occurring disorder, sober living is helpful.

Desert Hope Treatment Center not only provides exceptional residential and outpatient treatment options, but Sober Living Resolutions Las Vegas provides the perfect solution for those on the verge of completing either inpatient or outpatient treatment. A home solution that ushers them safely back to the real world.

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