Addiction Resources to Download and Share

For many people, addiction impacts all the relationships in their lives. Supporting a family member or friend that is in need of help or trying to get help for substance abuse can be a frustrating and rewarding experience. We’ve gathered some guides to help you and your loved one talk about addiction, learn how to support your loved one’s recovery efforts, and to approach the topic of addiction treatment now and in the future.

Addiction Guides for Families

Family, for good or ill, is the foundation most people build their personalities, sense of self, and life around. The dynamics of family relationships can help, harm, or enable destructive behavior including addiction. Get facts about addiction, learn how to approach the subject, and discover some ways to support healthy recovery within your family.

Addiction Guide for Spouses & Partners

Many people find safety, comfort, and support in their relationship with their significant other. These are the relationships that we choose—where we want shelter from the storm. When addiction enters the relationship, it can damage the sense of comfort and support and introduce stress, chaos, and discord. Trust, responsibility and ultimately love can fall prey to a partner’s substance abuse.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information and support available to help overcome these hurdles and work on recovery for not just the addicted partner but for the couple and the entire family. Read the full Addiction Guide for Spouses and Partners

Guide for Parents of Addicted Children and Teens

Protecting our children and young adults is an innate response for any parent. Learning how to work with and support a child suffering with the disease of addiction can be overwhelming. There are many emotions and reactions to prepare for when it becomes apparent that your child needs help. Read the full Addiction Guide for Parents of Addicted Children

Guide for Children of Addicted Parents

Regardless of our age, we are always deeply influenced by the people who raise us. These influences include not only the genes inherited from biological parents, but also the behaviors, habits, values, and communication styles that we learn from our adult caregivers. This same pattern applies to the way we use alcohol or drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 25% of American kids grow up in households where substance abuse is present. In homes where one or more adults abuse alcohol or drugs, children are approximately 2x as likely to develop substance use disorders themselves.

Many children of addicted parents want to help their parents get and stay sober. This is a role reversal for a child to be a caretaker of a parent but many children—both small and grown—take on this burden. Read the full Guide for Children of Addicted Parents

Addiction Treatment Admissions at Desert Hope

Taking the first step toward recovery is huge. The person dealing with addiction will ideally make this decision for themselves, as it is their dedication to recovery that will make it successful. We are here to make that transition from seeking help to getting into treatment as easy as possible.

At Desert Hope Treatment Center, we are committed to life-changing care and personalized treatment for you or your loved one. As a top-rated accredited facility, Desert Hope is a treatment center in which you can have confidence. If you or you loved one are not ready to take the first step today, please use these handy guides for talking about treatment and gathering the information you need to start the admissions process.

If you or your loved one is ready to start recovery today, you can begin online or give us a call anytime at .

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