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Aftercare Recovery Groups

During your treatment at Desert Hope Outpatient, you’ll participate in several therapeutic groups to share feelings and experiences with other clients in recovery. Each group has a specific focus, including skill building groups, process groups, and psychoeducational and didactic groups. You’ll develop effective strategies for overcoming future sobriety challenges and triggers, and you’ll leave treatment with a specific plan to help you re-enter your life at work, within your family, and as a part of your community.

We want you to leave our program equipped with an arsenal of recovery skills and knowledge to continue a successful and newly sober lifestyle. That’s why we offer a series of Aftercare Recovery Groups to address common aftercare issues, challenges and topics.

Currently some of our Aftercare Recovery Group topics include:

– Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
– Relapse Prevention Skills
– Planning Your Aftercare
– Cravings & How to Manage Urges
– Spirituality in Recovery
– Medication Management – Staying Compliant
– Addiction & Brain Chemistry
– Addiction – A Progressive Disease
– Incorporating Healthy Life Skills into Recovery
– Recovery on the Job – Employment Concerns
– 12-Steps & Recovery
– Stages of Change
– Addiction Recovery with a Co-Occurring Disorder
– Family Intervention & Education Programs

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Aftercare Recovery Group Special Topics

Our aftercare recovery group sessions often include special topics, designed to address issues commonly encountered both in and after treatment. Our current special topics groups include:

Grief & Loss Support:

In this group, anyone whose life has been impacted by loss or grief can connect with peers who share similar experiences. In addition to receiving support from others, supporting your peers in similar situation can be a healthy and productive way to relieve the isolation that comes with the grief process. This support gathering is unlike other addiction recovery groups, and is facilitated by an experienced therapist who provides a safe and caring environment where you can process and cope with feelings specifically related to grief and loss.

LGBT Support:

This group is designed to provide additional resources and peer support for any client dealing with gender identification and/or sexual orientation issues. The LGBT group welcomes you, your family members, and relationship partners in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender community.

Wellness Programming:

In addition to clinical outpatient treatment, we work hard to promote the importance of wellness, eating a nutritional diet, and building physical activity into your new sober lifestyle. Staff members from the Desert Hope Residential facility will speak on a wide range of interest areas, including skills for healthy living, HIV-related concerns, and substance abuse–related medical risks.

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