Resolutions Las Vegas Amenities

Resolutions Las Vegas is a place where you’ll want to live. This sober living home in Las Vegas is much more than just a clean, drug-free residence; we’ve provided a full set of amenities and features that will make you glad you chose Resolutions.

Sober Living Environment: Home Away from Home

We strive to make Resolutions Las Vegas your home away from home. With apartment-style living spaces, nutritious meals, and more, you’ll live in comfort here.

We are also an enclosed facility with 24/7 courtesy patrol so you won’t have to worry about your safety.

Apartment-Style Quarters

When you come to stay at Resolutions Las Vegas, you’ll live in dual-occupancy apartment-style quarters furnished with:

  • 2 queen-size beds.
  • Cable TV.
  • Free Wi-Fi.*
  • Newly updated private bath.

Residents will also have access to housekeeping services and laundry facilities. To support recovery, men and women live in separate quarters.

Housekeeping cleans resident rooms and changes the bed linens once a week. Common areas get cleaned each day. All rooms are non-smoking. For smokers, there is a designated outdoor smoking area.

*Computer lab available in the common area.

Apt-style rooms

Chef-Cooked Meals

You won’t have to worry about food when you come to live at Resolutions Las Vegas. At our residence, chef-cooked meals are provided for you.

Eating well is essential to feeling good, and addiction often leads to malnutrition and overall poor physical health. Our healthy, chef-prepared meals will help you restore your health and will relieve the burden of having to think about what to cook when you’re focusing on your recovery.

Gym, Pool, and Community Sports

Exercise makes you feel good, and the better you feel the easier it will be to stay on the right path. At Resolutions, you’ll have daily access to a gym, as well as a cardio room, so you can get and stay in shape and release stress in healthy ways. You can also take a swim in the pool to relax or get in some extra cardio.

Residents will be able to partake of community activities while living at the facility, including volleyball and soccer. Learning how to have fun without substances is a key component to staying sober long-term. Getting outside and engaging in group sports is a great sober activity wherein you can connect with others.

Services that Support Your Recovery

At Resolutions Las Vegas, we offer a range of services to help you stay sober, including a therapist and case manager who work on-site. Other services include those below.

12-Step Peer-Led Meetings

Mutual support groups, such as 12-step meetings, offer support for all residents in addiction recovery. These meetings take place regularly so that you can both help and learn from your peers on the same journey.

resident lounge room at desert hope treatment center

Transportation to Meetings

Attending treatment sessions/meetings regularly is crucial to many people’s recovery from addiction. We make sure you can get to your appointments by providing transportation. The same curriculum provided at Desert Hope will be extended to you as a resident of Resolutions Las Vegas.

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are following shelter-in-place orders and providing telehealth services to all residents so that they can virtually engage in outpatient treatment and meetings.

Treatment Advocates

We have treatment advocates on staff to support all residents in their sobriety. Some are in recovery; those who are will all have at least 2 years in recovery. Treatment advocates will help to ensure all residents are following the rules of the facility that are in place for the protection and support of every person at Resolutions. This includes:

  • Going to meetings on time.
  • Not using your phone during groups or meetings.
  • Not using any drugs or alcohol.
  • Keeping your living area tidy.
  • Treating all other residents with respect.

Employment Services

Making and keeping a routine is essential to sobriety, and having a job is not only essential to supporting yourself financially but keeping a healthy routine. We’re here to help you obtain employment. We’ll help you create or spruce up a resume and work with you on finding professional opportunities that match your skillset.

First Choice for Veterans

Veterans will receive on-site support at Resolutions Las Vegas. We utilize the same veteran non-profit, Veteran Lyfe Services, at Resolutions that we use in our Salute to Recovery program at Desert Hope.  Veteran Lyfe Services is a recognized non-profit housed at Resolutions Las Vegas full time. They are proud members of the SNVCEB (Southern Nevada Veteran Community Engagement Board) and the pioneers of 12-step PTSD/veteran workshops. Veterans at Resolutions will receive assistance with benefits, clothing, transportation, employment, and much more.