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Addiction Treatment Partnership

You are not alone. An extraordinary number of people are seeking addiction treatment for the first time or are relapsing as a result of the stress, anxiety, and social isolation that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional athletes and their families aren’t immune – addiction is a disease impacting people of all walks of life.

No one understands that better than Derek Price, Desert Hope Treatment Center’s CEO and former tight end for the Detroit Lions. Every day he helps people transform their lives by providing a path to recovery. That’s why Desert Hope has teamed up with the NFL Alumni Association to provide discrete addiction treatment to NFL alumni and their family members.

Please be assured that your privacy and confidentiality will be honored at all times.

We can answer any questions regarding addiction treatment and to make arrangements for NFL Alumni scholarship admission when you call our confidential NFL Alumni and Families dedicated line at 

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Group & Individual Therapies

We offer individual and group therapy. Individual sessions are customized for your unique needs and allows you to speak openly & privately with your therapist.

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Levels of Care

We offer a continuum of care; from medical detox all the way to outpatient services. You or your loved one may transition to lower or higher levels of care when appropriate.

Addiction Talk Episode 5: Tackling the Stigma with Past and Present NFL Players

This episode of "Addiction Talk" will feature a panel of past and present NFL players, including Matthew Slater, Patrick Venzke and Derek Price, and the CEO of the NFL Alumni Association, Beasley Reece, speaking about the stigma of addiction and mental health within sports in general and among professional athletes.

See Our Facility

Desert Hope Treatment Center is a gorgeous addiction treatment oasis with elegant beauty and modern charm located in Las Vegas. We have a large, well maintained facility with multiple floors, multiple recreational facilities outdoors, and even a couple basketball courts.
See why so many of our alumni rave about our facility. Learn more about our addiction treatment program.

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