Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Young Adults and Teens

The pandemic has impacted so many individuals—not just economically, politically, or with contracting COVID-19 itself. But the viral threat is also responsible for affecting the mental health of so many people and triggering many of those who have been sober for a period of time to misuse substances once again. It’s been a challenging year and a half. With overdose deaths on the rise and individuals needing help more than ever with drug or alcohol addictions, starting treatment has never been more crucial than it is at this moment.

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to Desert Hope Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers’ facility. We provide medical detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, and aftercare planning.

And it just so happens that a prerecorded concert event in recognition of International Recovery Month and International Recovery Day was recorded at the International Theater at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Vegas. The concert features Macklemore, the Residency, Evvie McKinney, KT Tunstall, Daphne Willis, and other artists. The concert will stream September 30th at 8:30pm EST.

How to Get a Teenager into Rehab

Raising awareness through events like the one coming up in September is a great place to help teenagers (18 years old and older) get the help they need with an alcohol use or a substance use disorder. Music and celebrities have a natural way of resonating with teens and young adults. Connecting with this group may allow them to be open enough to learning more about treatment options and possibly entering into a treatment facility in Las Vegas.

But what happens after they know they need help and are willing to get admitted into rehab?

Helping your teen or loved one to learn more about Desert Hope Treatment Center would be another step in the right direction. This may include sharing with them the specialized treatment options that we offer, what the expectations are once they arrive and what they are during the course of their treatment program, and information on covering the cost of treatment.

Other than programs geared specifically for veterans and first responders, Desert Hope also offers LGBTQ+ and gender-specific programs so that individuals have the option of experiencing a program tailored to their specific needs and life experiences. Treatment is already created for each individual based on their unique needs such as substance(s) of misuse, medical history, co-occurring mental health conditions, and a psychological assessment. The specialized program just adds another option that may increase how effective treatment is for the individual.

Understanding treatment ahead of time and knowing payment options for treatment takes a lot of the guesswork out of what’s possible to help an individual get the treatment they need. Additionally, when an individual knows as much as possible about the admissions process, the picture of what treatment looks on a daily basis, and the team of people dedicated to their success, may decrease a number of fears, and may clear their mind just enough to focus on their sobriety.

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Desert Hope is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is easily accessible from most locations in the Southwest. We offer a full continuum of care that spans from inpatient medical detox and rehab to outpatient services and sober living. Take the next step toward recovery: learn more about our addiction treatment programs near Vegas or learn about how rehab is affordable for everyone.