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We are pleased to announce that we are now in-network with policies utilizing Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) Now in-network with policies utilizing Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO).

When you snort something where does it go?

Though the initial distribution of inhaled drug will be influenced by factors like strength of inhalation, nasal passage patency, and the particle sizes of the inhaled drug as well as any contaminant or adulterant particulates, much of it will end up adhering to the nasal mucosal surface and walls of the upper airway. There may be some sedimentation of smaller particles deeper into the airways. A significant portion of the contents of the inhaled substance will be slow to or will not absorb at all across respiratory mucosal surfaces and will end up in the gastrointestinal tract after being swallowed. On a smaller scale, there will also be some immune-cell mediated lymphatic clearance of some particles.

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