The Impact of Drug Use on Your Paycheck

While addiction’s biggest consequences are damage to the body and ongoing dependence on the substance, another negative effect of drug addiction is the literal cost of your habit. Purchasing a steady supply of illicit substances leads to the real-time consequence of spending a substantial amount of money.

Our team wanted to provide a tool to show the impact drug use has on your paycheck. Based on the latest average costs of a dose of each drug, we created a calculator that allows users to get a complete picture of how much of their income goes to drug use based on how many times they use per year and their annual salary.

Enter your salary, drug of choice, and approximate number of times per week that you use that substance in the calculator below and find out what percentage of your income goes to substance abuse. Please note: we will not be recording any of the information users input or storing any of the anonymous data.

Drug Use Cost Calculator

I currently use
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Annual Cost
Annual Income   (minus drug costs)
% of paycheck going towards drug use