FREE Insurance Verification

Our highly-trained and compassionate Treatment Consultants will counsel you over the phone to help determine the payment option that best meets your needs.

You Can Afford Addiction Treatment

  • Insurance Coverage

    Our representatives will verify the client’s insurance benefits for free, with no obligation. Many people contact us and aren’t sure whether their insurance plan covers the cost of treatment. That’s okay. We can help determine your insurance plan benefits, co-pays, or other payment plans that can help you or your loved one get the critical help you need.

  • Private Pay

    Sometimes for personal reasons, clients don’t want to pay for addiction treatment by submitting claims through their health insurance plans. Some prefer this payment option as it allows for increased confidentiality. In addition, individuals without insurance may choose the private payment option to pay for their rehabilitation treatment.

  • Payment Plan

    Our highly-trained Treatment Consultants can assist in determining the payment option that best meets the client’s needs. In reality, many insurance plans cover treatment costs. Our Treatment Consultants will help you find a way to pay for treatment, figure out co-pays, or work out a payment plan with a healthcare lending company. We’ll assist in finding the path to recovery for you or your loved one.

Many people are under the misconception that addiction treatment is beyond their financial reach. This is not true.

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The Price of Not Getting Help

When contemplating the costs of addiction treatment for yourself, child, or loved one, consider the costs, or consequences, of “things as they are now.” What would happen if the substance abuse or addiction continued?

Contact Desert Hope, and we will help you or your loved one get the treatment needed to stop the dangerous, progressive effects of addiction.

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