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Program Overview

Desert Hope Addiction Treatment Programs

At Desert Hope, you or your loved one will be assigned an appropriate level of care and participate in a custom treatment plan that takes into account personal history of substance use, severity, and the presence of a co-occurring mental health issue. Also, if you have any ongoing health problems, we take those into account when determining the safest and most effective treatment to help you heal.

Following Medical Detox (if necessary) your tailored treatment plan includes individual, group, and family therapy as well as gender-specific groups and the use of research-based therapy. Our licensed therapists use Motivational Interviewing (MI) and other research-based treatment modalities to “meet clients where they are.” More importantly, these techniques can help nudge you or your loved one from ambivalence about rehabilitation toward a desire for real change.

While attending therapy sessions and group, you will also be working our comprehensive dual diagnosis curriculum, Embracing Change: Recovery for Life. We consider our curriculum a key strength of our program because it was designed to provide clients with informative recovery tools, community resource information, and interactive exercises presented in a way that appeals many types of learning styles in an accessible workbook series format.

What will be different this time?

Long-term recovery is possible but the client must be engaged and committed to the program. – National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Lots of things can be different this time. At Desert Hope, we want you to experience the joy of long-term recovery. At admission, we look at your unique needs to determine the best type of treatment and level of care.When you arrive, you’ll undergo a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment. This evaluation looks at your addiction severity, substance use history, presence of a co-occurring mental health issue(s), current health condition, significant life events (i.e. trauma exposure), and other factors to consider when deciding on preliminary aftercare recovery goals.

Using a strengths-based approach, we assist you or your loved one in recognizing the areas of personal change and life choices required for making positive life changes. Throughout the treatment stay, our team evaluates your clinical progress to determine whether your individual treatment plan needs to be adjusted to help you get the most out of your time in treatment and help you in your future sobriety.

Client Responsibility

No one can do it for you. Not your family, your friends, or your therapist. You know that for an individual to have long-term recovery following treatment, it’s essential to acknowledge the addiction, have the desire to change, and actively work the program. While you’re here, you’ll increase your chances for long-term recovery by working on our dual diagnosis curriculum, attending classes, participating in therapy sessions, and making a genuine effort to become sober. Our program works for clients when they’re invested in the recovery process. We’ll help you get there.

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Medical Detox

When you arrive at Desert Hope, we’ll evaluate you to see if you need detox. Depending on the drug of choice or addiction progression, you may not. If you do require a medical detox stay, our licensed medical team and nurses will manage any withdrawal symptoms, provide 24/7 medical monitoring, and ensure your go through a safe, supervised detox. For most clients, detox typically lasts 5-7 days,

Individual withdrawal experiences vary, due to differences in:

  • Substance(s) used, amount, and frequency
  • Substance tolerance level
  • Severity of addiction (history and progression)
  • Co-occurring mental health disorder(s)
  • General physical condition, ongoing health issue(s)

For the benefit of our clients in Medical Detox (especially during peak days of physical withdrawal), our detox rooms are located in a quiet, private area close to nursing stations for easy access and frequent monitoring.

Safe Detox with Supervision

No matter what substances are involved in the addiction, you or your loved one will be monitored 24/7 by our licensed medical team, which is composed of physicians and nurses who recognize the nuances of withdrawal from various substances. Depending on the drug, different detox methods, tapering schedules, or other measures may be used to safely rid your body of the harmful substance(s).

Co-Occurring Issues

Often, people struggling with substance use disorder also suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or trauma-related issues.By using an integrated approach that treats the “whole person,” you will be equipped to manage co-occurring disorder symptoms during your recovery. By working on strategies for managing both, the odds increase for the client’s successful treatment outcome and prolonged recovery.

A Curriculum for Change

We developed our curriculum, Embracing Change: Recovery for Life to provide integrated care for clients using industry best practices to simultaneously address your addiction and co-occurring behavioral health issues. Designed as a series of workbooks, the curriculum contains interactive activities, reflective exercises,and educational information that appeals to many learning styles. One benefit of the curriculum is that after graduating from Desert Hope, clients can keep the workbooks and later reflect back on their journaling.

Stories of Recovery

Start Your Recovery Story Today.


Length of Stay: Why 90 Days is Recommended

Your long-term recovery is related to length of treatment that may depend on factors such as clinical diagnosis, level of care needed, treatment progress, and insurance coverage. For long-term sobriety, addiction specialists believe that 90-day treatment programs are the most effective in terms of positive outcomes. Length of stay will be determined by the client’s clinical needs.

Our 90-day Brand Promise

If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment program, we guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.

Up to 30 Free Days of Treatment

In the event of a relapse at any time post–treatment, American Addiction Centers, Inc., will provide qualified individuals with up to an additional 30 consecutive days of treatment at one of its facilities at no additional cost to you.

Family Support & Therapy

Addiction touches every member of the family. Because of the impact your substance use has on your family, it’s beneficial when family members participate in treatment decisions and objectives. With your consent, support, and positive reinforcement from your family helps to strengthen your post-treatment planning and recovery goals. Involvement in periodic group sessions is strongly encouraged for family members and those who play an important role in your recovery.

Aftercare Resources

Following your graduation from Desert Hope, we recommend involvement with the “sober community,” including local Desert Hope Alumni and recovery organizations to help with the client’s transition from treatment to long-term recovery. Activities include attending local 12-Step meetings, sober outings/activity groups and if the client desires, exploring the option of a Sober Living environment. These residences provide a structured housing alternative with a quiet lifestyle for residents in recovery.