Treatment Philosophy

Addiction is a disease. Many times, chemical dependency is a symptom of deeper underlying issues masked by substances. The longer drugs are abused, the more difficult it becomes to live without those substances, a dangerous cycle that can ruin lives.

Discovering and then addressing core issues is a process that allows our clients to focus on the roots of the problems and begin to rebuild a new life. At Desert Hope, we provide hope and support to everyone who walks through our doors.

Recovery Plan

We support and serve those who struggle with addiction by providing a structure in which they can successfully recover. Our team of addiction specialists and medical professionals are leaders in the industry, working with our clients to develop personalized plans for life transformation. Our approach to addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders is based on decades of clinical and medical research.


Our curriculum includes a core residential program based on an interactive workbook series, and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in which clients go back and forth between treatment in our facility and their communities. Our IOP emphasizes social skill building in everyday life, including resume building, interviewing and parenting skills.


We tailor our approach to each client by identifying his or her particular needs and creating specific individualized treatment plans. A thorough nursing assessment is completed upon admission to gather information about physical capabilities, what level of detox may be required, medical issues and medication needs.